Sunday, November 13, 2011

iPad - Making your own Music Apps with Codify Codea

Trying to learn this app Codify, soon to be renamed to Codea. Reading through the forums, beginners book and copying code posted to try and get a idea of how lua programming works.

What I thought when I first saw it was not Game Making, but the ability to make sound generating apps although the games I've seen on it look pretty cool. The app is still in the early stages but I'm sure some of the experienced programmers will have this down pack in a few weeks as they get into it and the app gets updates to handle more complex code.

Heres a Screen Shot (Top image) of the Demo Drum Machine code I tweaked and added a BPM Slider to control the BPM in real time, gui color and I Also Changed up some of the sounds. The bottom image is a Polyphonic Keyboard a Codea Forum member made that sounds pretty cool. The apps surface is just being scratched so expect some impressive apps in the next few months.

Goldbaby Synth Purveyor Vol 1 review

Sample Magic's "The Producer's Manual" by Paul White review

iPad iPhone PC: SunVox Synthesis (by NightRadio)

iPhone iPod: Akai SynthStation25 + NanoStudio

Pad status display mode (MPC1000 & MPC2500 JJ OS)

Cut & Paste (MPC1000 & MPC2500 JJ OS)

FL Studio Alpha Testing | Performance Mode & TochOSC

IPad - Codea: Create Amazing Things

Monday, September 12, 2011

C64 w/ MSSIAH cart Drum Machine Input bad playing.

"Drum machine runs through the input and iI can control it with the SID filter. Cutoff and Res mainly I beleive. 2 phono outputs as well as 2 phono inputs. 4 knobs and works with MSSIAH." -controlport64

Monday, August 1, 2011

Still Here! My Akai MPC 60II

Been a Cruel Summer, but still getting things done. I'll post some Pics of what I been Playing with Hardware Wise Later. Hint: 8 Bit!
Here's my 12 Bit Beast for now.  Looking Extra Clean and Crispy. My Favorite Piece of Gear.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Game Boy DMG-01 LSDJ & Arduino UNO!

You already know its about to Go DOWN! Mad Projects. I already got the Game Boy and LSDJ doing back-flips. PSP too. Sound design is truly sickening on this thing. Going to Hook it up to my MPC through MIDI in a minute. Check the OG iPhone 1 in the Background. :)

Stay Tuned for my Korg Monotron / Miditron V2 Video in about a week! Retarded!

My Roland M-10MX Battery & AC Powered Portable Mixer is here!

Might do a Un-boxing and a Review although I already started getting busy with it. 1 of the Best things I bought all year!

How To Make a Beat Revisited! - Hip Hop - Sampling & Writers Block

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Making a beat on the Akai MPC500

IPad: It amazes me

It amazes me that the iPad does not have its own Proper Native 16 Pad Sampler/Drum Machine yet.
Its a conspiracy. This is the ONLY thing that ticks me off about my iPad. I been waiting Patiently a Year and a Half!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

MPC1000 - JJOS & Arduino Midi Controller (JJfader)

An "old school" midi controller with 8 faders and 5-pin din connector. Inspired by the last JJOSXL releases i decided to build a compact no nonsense controller for my MPC1000. Built around an ATmega328 you could call it an Arduino standalone. It uses a 4051 multiplexer to allow for 8 inputs. I added a second DC power connector so i can piggy back the controllers power(consumtion is very low) off an adapter for other small gear. It has a voltage regulator and can handle something like 7-15 volts input. This is a rough tryout using Goldbaby's MPC60/TR-707 samples.

FL Studio Patcher | Introduction & Basic Audio Routing (1/5)

Reason - Sampling Inside the Reason Rack

Synthrotek Atari Punk Console with Graphics Fully Assembled

Reason - Exploring Synthesis for Inspiration

A synthtopia comment that made me think about iOS Devs

The comment was basically saying how some iOS Developers act funny style when asked about a iPad or Universal verion of their iPhone based app, but on their Youtube DEMO videos they are showing off the app on a iPad.


Saturday, April 30, 2011

BeatMakerTV: Korg Monotron Miditron Tease

All I got is 3 Things to say... Sick Sound, I can't stop playing with it and wait till you see my next video.

Sounds and Gear: Big Fish Licia Keyz library review

KORG nanoPAD2 It makes your Mac Kaossilator! ナノパッド2でMacがカオシレーターに

Throwback: My Sony PS2 Linux System Setup from 2003

Still Got The Whole Setup and A First Gen 60 GB PS3 Linux System That still has the OtherOS.

Miditron is Alive!

Midi Working!  I tested the Midi with BS16 and Sequenced it with Little Midi Machine. I need 3 more Parts tho. A new 100k Pot (bought the wrong one), Diode, and A Universal Adapter/Connector so I can Cut the Wires in between the Monotron and Midi Board for a much cleaner install. I will be able to disconnect the board from the Monotron with ease and use it with other projects. My Dremel is ready to go.

Once I hit Fry's and Radio Shack in the AM, I should be looking real good. I might even Paint or Dye this Bad Boy. Most likely Dye the white Parts!
All the little techniques I learned over the years really going to pay off for a real custom Miditron.
More Pics and a vid coming Soon...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Alesis io Dock: A MIDI/XLR iPad Dock

Now if Beat Maker 2 & Nanostudio Stop Playing around, implement CoreMidi the right way and Update their apps for the iPad Screen Res, we might have something here. AKAI needs to stop Playing Games too. Multitrack would be Perfect for this also with CoreMidi Added (Still Slick the way it is Though). We need new Players in the Game. IMO

Garage Band & Xewton Music Studio is Already set for this.

Utility: OS X Batch File Name Changer NameChanger

Free Batch File Renamer for The MAC OSX (You NEED this if you use Samplers, Drum Machines)
Via:, Name Changer

Friday, April 22, 2011

Rob Papen 'Punch' Virtual Drum Machine DEMO

BeatMakerTV: Wired Midi Sync 2 iPad (s) Line 6 M-Audio CoreMidi DEMO

Wired Midi Sync 2 iPads with Line 6 Midi Mobilizer and M-Audio UNO via CoreMidi.
Connected Using Female to Female Midi Coupler
Apps Used: NLog Midi Synth Pro, Step Poly Arp
Using The MOOG Filtatron App on the iPhone 3GS to Alter The Sound.
The Possibilities are Endless. Use your Imagination.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

iPad Midi Touch ASRX Pro Template

A Midi Touch Template I'm working on for the ASRX. This is the real reason I wanted MIDI on the iPad. I'll be doing Templates for all my gear with hidden midi functions. MPC 2500 Next.

I'll upload this one for download as soon as I get it the way I want. Everything's working, just perfecting the layout.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Getting Started in Brainwave Sequencer for IPad


Fully Loaded with 64mb RAM, 8 Outs, Urban Dance Card & Built in SCSI Zip Drive (Courtesy of Chicken Systems) I did all the Add-Ons and Customization my Self. I love Fixing up Classic Gear. The Sound of this Drum Sampler/Synthesizer is Unmatched!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

iPad iPhone: Prophet 64 running on C64 app (working)

Yes it works! Can't wait till this app is updated for the iPad native resolution and Bluetooth Keyboard support is added. I got this running on iDOS also.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PPG Wave 2.2 Synthesizer "Modulator"

iPad iPhone - Beat Twirl (Chop Samples)

Beat Twirl is a "beat slicer" app. The app lets you analyze existing sounds on detect their rhythm with its note onset algorithms. With Beat Twirl you can work with drum loops and rhythm patterns, easily enhancing them with additional percussion sound, or create new patterns.

With Beat Twirl you can:
  • Change the tempo (time) of drum loops without changing the pitch.
  • Analyze percussion patterns and find the underlying timing.
  • Mix-in additional percussion sounds, or replace the original sounds
  • Export single beats from a sound file.

Monday, March 14, 2011

iPad DOSPad CoreMidi Control PS2 controller Interface

CoreMidiControl is a simple AVR microprocessor based project for hooking up PS2 controller with iOS device that support CoreMidi. Apple iOS doesn't provide support for attaching game controllers directly into iDevices. This project overcomes the limitation by implementing a hardware device that pretends to be a class compliant MIDI device. Controller movements and button presses are then transferred via MIDI messages and converted at the receiving end back to controller events.
Included in the project is a sample application for iPad that displays controller thumbstick movements and button states. I've also included a patched version of DOSpad that let's you play DOS games with PS2 controller via joystick or arrow pad emulation.
Although the iOS API supports multiple players (controllers) the hardware part doesn't. However, adding support for additional controllers, mouse etc should be trivial.

More info & Video: