Sunday, April 24, 2011

Alesis io Dock: A MIDI/XLR iPad Dock

Now if Beat Maker 2 & Nanostudio Stop Playing around, implement CoreMidi the right way and Update their apps for the iPad Screen Res, we might have something here. AKAI needs to stop Playing Games too. Multitrack would be Perfect for this also with CoreMidi Added (Still Slick the way it is Though). We need new Players in the Game. IMO

Garage Band & Xewton Music Studio is Already set for this.


  1. BeatMaker 2 Has plans to add CoreMIDI support:

    and NanoStudio does have coreMIDI:


  2. @swalker133

    Nanostudio has CoreMidi but no Midi Out. Only in. Thats why I stated "CoreMidi done the right way". It can be done. Say if I want to use the Pads or Keys to trigger external sounds. You can't with no Midi Out.

    As for BM2 I'm not going to hold my Breath. lol

    Thanks for the comment and the Links!