Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Game Boy DMG-01 LSDJ & Arduino UNO!

You already know its about to Go DOWN! Mad Projects. I already got the Game Boy and LSDJ doing back-flips. PSP too. Sound design is truly sickening on this thing. Going to Hook it up to my MPC through MIDI in a minute. Check the OG iPhone 1 in the Background. :)

Stay Tuned for my Korg Monotron / Miditron V2 Video in about a week! Retarded!

My Roland M-10MX Battery & AC Powered Portable Mixer is here!

Might do a Un-boxing and a Review although I already started getting busy with it. 1 of the Best things I bought all year!

How To Make a Beat Revisited! - Hip Hop - Sampling & Writers Block

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Making a beat on the Akai MPC500

IPad: It amazes me

It amazes me that the iPad does not have its own Proper Native 16 Pad Sampler/Drum Machine yet.
Its a conspiracy. This is the ONLY thing that ticks me off about my iPad. I been waiting Patiently a Year and a Half!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

MPC1000 - JJOS & Arduino Midi Controller (JJfader)

An "old school" midi controller with 8 faders and 5-pin din connector. Inspired by the last JJOSXL releases i decided to build a compact no nonsense controller for my MPC1000. Built around an ATmega328 you could call it an Arduino standalone. It uses a 4051 multiplexer to allow for 8 inputs. I added a second DC power connector so i can piggy back the controllers power(consumtion is very low) off an adapter for other small gear. It has a voltage regulator and can handle something like 7-15 volts input. This is a rough tryout using Goldbaby's MPC60/TR-707 samples.

FL Studio Patcher | Introduction & Basic Audio Routing (1/5)

Reason - Sampling Inside the Reason Rack

Synthrotek Atari Punk Console with Graphics Fully Assembled

Reason - Exploring Synthesis for Inspiration

A synthtopia comment that made me think about iOS Devs

The comment was basically saying how some iOS Developers act funny style when asked about a iPad or Universal verion of their iPhone based app, but on their Youtube DEMO videos they are showing off the app on a iPad.