Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Akai MPC3000LE, with Homemade IB-CRT-RGB Controller (Multicolor)

"Akai MPC3000LE, with homemade VGA cable/box to enable switching the normal green only VGA output signal from the Akai MPC3000 IB-CRT VGA option to any combination of the red/green/blue signal lines into the VGA monitor. Each of the sends to the red/green/blue lines of the monitor can be switched between off/on-full/on-variable. It is just a simple homemade prototype idea with 3 switches, 3 potentiometers, a project box, a VGA cable, and a laser printed label. If anyone makes one with a nicer engraved, or similar, metal faceplate, please make me one as well."

More information on this modification here...

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