Thursday, November 25, 2010

FX of MPC is controlled by a MIDI controller. (MPC1000 &MPC2500 JJ OS)

This means I can use my iPad or any MIDI Controller to Control the effects on my MPC2500 or MPC1000 with JJOS! Line6 MIDI Mobilizer and CoreMIDI in the house! I'll be doing a DEMO Video today.

JJOS for the MPC1000

JJOS for the MPC2500

Controlling microKorg via iPad "Midi Touch"

Molten Drum Machine for iPad

iPad: New Drum Machine – Molten (CoreMIDI Support)

Molten is available now for $9.99.
Built on a versatile synthesizer that allows you to play and process your own sound samples. The kits can be mangled, filtered and crushed using the multi-touch interface.
Load and store your patterns and share them with your friends. Export to a standard MIDI file and import into a professional digital audio workstation.
Connect to your Mac with CoreMIDI networking over Wi-Fi or USB with the Camera Connection Kit and transmit the sequence in real-time to your hardware.

iPad: AURORA HD Update with Video Out and Multitouch (Demo)

iPad: MIDI Devices that work with iOS CoreMIDI (List) had Published a list of Compatible Devices that work with CoreMIDI on the iPad. As you can see one of my favorites pictured above, the "M-AudioUNO 1x1" works! Follow the Link Below for the Full List. 
credit to:PalmSounds and moonbuzz

iPad: Akai Lpk25 with iPad and Yonac Mini Synth Pro!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

M4000D Digital Mellotron - Quick Demo

Beat Thang hardware booting up

Beat Thang hardware unboxing

Algoriddim Djay Ipod Iphone Remote House Part

Algoriddim Djay Ipod Iphone Remote House Part

Introducing djay Remote for iPhone and iPod touch

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 38: Using Neptune for Sound Design

beat thang hardware volume screen

FL Studio Guru - Controlling Gross Beat

Editing Looptastic HD performances in studioHD

SunVox v1.6: filter LFO + multisynth

S1 MIDI Trigger Ver 3.2 Promotion

iPad Ellatron with USB MIDI

Ellatron via MIDI, originally uploaded by Omenie.

Here are a few of the features of the Ella MIDI implementation - 3 voices at once (upper, lower and pads), all can be played
Programmable keyboard split for upper and lower, programmable chord pads if your keyboard supports it (and the Axiom 49 has 8 of them - mighty useful). Ella can be seen responding to controllers on the keyboard with on-screen information keeping you up to date, and controllers are used to change voices, volume, pitch, tone, reverb parameters, and level/pan for each of the upper, lower and pad instruments.