Monday, April 18, 2011

ASR-X Pro 3.20 Firmware Update (Holy Smokes!)

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ASR-X Pro beta OS 3.20 is available for download!!!

Find it here:

The main features are:
-Xplode to Pads (basically recycle style slicing),
-Direct Audio Sampling (audition audio CD tracks from a CD ROM, extract the parts you want),
-Soundfont import.

Original Post From GearSlutz HERE
Disclaimer: I have not tried it yet, but will and Post more info when I do.


  1. Hello there !
    So did you try it ? It seems to be the 3.2 at first view...Also, I can't find the post on GearSlutz...
    I'm waiting for my Asr X pro bought on ebay... :)))

  2. Hello Beat!

    Got my ASR X Pro, but I don't dare to install this OS...
    Did you make the upgrade ?
    Thanks !