Saturday, April 30, 2011

Miditron is Alive!

Midi Working!  I tested the Midi with BS16 and Sequenced it with Little Midi Machine. I need 3 more Parts tho. A new 100k Pot (bought the wrong one), Diode, and A Universal Adapter/Connector so I can Cut the Wires in between the Monotron and Midi Board for a much cleaner install. I will be able to disconnect the board from the Monotron with ease and use it with other projects. My Dremel is ready to go.

Once I hit Fry's and Radio Shack in the AM, I should be looking real good. I might even Paint or Dye this Bad Boy. Most likely Dye the white Parts!
All the little techniques I learned over the years really going to pay off for a real custom Miditron.
More Pics and a vid coming Soon...

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