Sunday, November 13, 2011

iPad - Making your own Music Apps with Codify Codea

Trying to learn this app Codify, soon to be renamed to Codea. Reading through the forums, beginners book and copying code posted to try and get a idea of how lua programming works.

What I thought when I first saw it was not Game Making, but the ability to make sound generating apps although the games I've seen on it look pretty cool. The app is still in the early stages but I'm sure some of the experienced programmers will have this down pack in a few weeks as they get into it and the app gets updates to handle more complex code.

Heres a Screen Shot (Top image) of the Demo Drum Machine code I tweaked and added a BPM Slider to control the BPM in real time, gui color and I Also Changed up some of the sounds. The bottom image is a Polyphonic Keyboard a Codea Forum member made that sounds pretty cool. The apps surface is just being scratched so expect some impressive apps in the next few months.

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